‘What my kids witnessed is not OK’: Taunton relives white supremacist protest

TAUNTON, Mass. (WLNE) — During a “Drag Queen Story Hour” this Saturday, parents, children, and local leaders were shaken by two dozen protesters outside Taunton Public Library from a well-known white supremacist group.

Protesters from the group NSC-131 — believed to have recently distributed racist recruitment flyers across Southern New England — wore masks and cargo pants.

Taunton police said they dispatched 12 officers inside the public library to safeguard those inside.

Those inside the event said the masked protesters disrupted the event amongst children.

“They were saying, ‘We want to hear the story, too. We want to see what the man in the dress is saying’,” said Amelia Hoard, a mother of three children who was inside the event.

She said she fled with her three children once three masked men entered the children’s center.

Leaving out the front of the library, she saw, “Over a dozen men dressed the same way– in ski masks, black jackets, tan cargo pants. They stayed chanting, ‘Child abuser, pedophile, they’re grooming children and they are going to hell.'”

She finished, “I need my kids to know what they witnessed is not OK.”

Andrew Pollock, president of the South Coast LGBTQ+ Network who organized the event, called the group domestic terrorists.

“They did a Hitler salute at the end and walked out,” said Pollock. “Anyone who supports that is horrific. What were they trying to prove other than scaring the hell out of these folks?”

With a message to Southern New Englanders, Pollock added, “If you think that you would have done something during the Holocaust to help the Jews or you think you would’ve done something during the civil rights issues to help African Americans vote and you’re not doing anything to help us — you’re fooling yourself. You would have done nothing. Now is the time to stand up with us.”

The group also reportedly protested another “Drag Queen Story Hour” in Fall River.

Police said no arrests have been made.

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