Wheaton College investigates hate flyers in dorms

By Kirsten Glavin



NORTON, MA – Swastikas, racial slurs and threats were posted to multiple doors in the Meadow West Dorm at Wheaton College over Labor Day Weekend.  Many student’s said they’re shocked.

"This sort of hate crime has never really been seen at Wheaton, and I know that it affected a lot of people. Especially international students,” said Madeline Brucker, a Residence Assistant at the College.

"I was really surprised when I got that email because all of the students I’ve met at Wheaton are really nice, and they’re really into other cultures,” added sophomore, Khalifa Alghanim. 

Brucker said the issue has been a heavy topic on campus.

"We’re getting our floors to come and sign their names and put different things that they have to say about the incident on big posters that we bought, and we’re going to go hang them up in Meadows, where the incident occurred."

The flyers were posted to students doors, some time early Saturday morning.  Wheaton College responded strongly to the issue. The president stated,
"These actions do not align with our campus values. (…) Hate speech cannot be tolerated."

The College Spokesman, Michael Graca, added that the college is a very international community, and that this event does not reflect the school’s values.  Campus Public Safety is still actively investigating the incident.