While violent crime in Providence is down, Elorza says car thefts remain ‘stubbornly level’

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — While violent crimes in Providence are down, Mayor Jorge Elorza said Wednesday that car thefts remain “stubbornly level.”

“We’re really excited that violent crime is way down. In fact, I think we’re having the safest summer in terms of violent crime that we’ve probably ever had,” said Elorza. “But property crime has remained stubbornly level. In fact, this year year to date were right in line with the five year average.”

The mayor said he would like to see those numbers dip. He said the number one car theft problem is catalytic converter crime.

Providence police said that this month there has been 47 catalytic converters that have been stolen. In total, there have been 520 catalytic converter thefts this year.

“It’s a tough issue. I guess at some point thrives like found out there’s a lot of money and there’s a market for these things, so it’s exploded throughout the country and we’re seeing it throughout the city as well,” he added.

In order to combat that crime, Elorza suggests that residents install home cameras to deter burglars from breaking into their property.

He added that the city plans on creating new state legislation to make it more difficult for people to “steal those catalytic converters to trade them in and get money for them.”

When it comes to violent crime in the capital city, Elorza credited Providence police for their hard work.

“You’ve gotta give a lot of credit to the police department, especially when you look at the number of handguns they’re taking off the streets. That’s a big big deal,” the mayor said.

Earlier this month, police said they seized over 200 guns this year so far.

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