White Powder At Greenbush Elementary School Found Harmless

The white powder found in an envelope at Greenbush Elementary School Tuesday has been deemed not dangerous.

The West Warwick school was closed today, but will re-open tomorrow. However, parents say this incident sheds light on a bigger problem, the school's notification system.

“You're thinking whose hurt. You're hoping it's not your own child or someone else's,” Thomas Cooper said while taking the day off from work to watch his two children who attend Greenbush Elementary.

They are thoughts that would run through any father's mind, and ones that were not put at ease until a voicemail came out from the Superintendent three hours after the lock down began.

“There should be a better response time,” Cooper said. “If there's a code red, you should immediately notify every parent instead of waiting three hours.”

Superintendent Ken Sheehan says his hands were tied.

“Because the state agencies at that particular time were called in and they were calling the shots,” Sheehan said. “Quite honestly, they did not want a lot of parents there. Their children were safe.”

Greenbush is just one of several schools across the country where these white powder filled envelopes from Texas have shown up. Two more were discovered Wednesday at schools in Clinton, Massachusetts and Madison, Connecticut.

“There's some idiot out there who is doing this for fun,” Cooper said. “Just please stop. It's ridiculous.”

The West Warwick School Department has started scanning all mail at the central administration building before it is delivered to the schools.