White Powder in Envelope, Locks Down School in West Warwick

Greenbush Elementary School in West Warwick was in lockdown mode on Tuesday, after an envelope containing white powder, turned up at the school.

School officials have told ABC6 News that even though initial tests on the white powder, determined that it was harmless cornstarch, Greenbush will be closed on Wednesday for further testing.

The whole situation angered parents in West Warwick as they showed up to check on their children.

“You're thinking about their safety, you're thinking about what's going on.” said Greenbush parent Anthony Fox.

The lockdown started at the school at around 12:30PM.

“One of the office workers opened up a letter that had a powdery substance.” said West Warwick Fire Chief, Joseph Baris Jr.

Greenbush wasn't the only school to get a letter with white powder in it on Tuesday.

Schools in Dedham and Milford, Massachusetts also got letters that led to lockdowns, along with schools in Maine and New Hampshire.

Now both the Greenbush letter and the letter opened at Memorial Elementary School in Milford, Massachusetts were postmarked out of Texas.

It's unknown right now where the other letters originated from or if they're connected.

After being tested on site, school officials told ABC6 News that the Greenbush letter contained nothing more than cornstarch, and all the other letters were also found to be harmless, lifting the lockdowns.

In West Warwick, students were released by grade, starting a little after 5pm.

And although parents were happy to have their kids out, safe and sound. They were angry that something like this happened.

“If you're going to pick on somebody, pick on adults. Pick on people who can defend themselves, you know? We don't know who it is or what their intentions are, but these are kids you know? They're innocent.” said Greenbush parent Anthony Fox.

West Warwick School Committee Chairman James Williamson told ABC6 News on Tuesday night that the reason why Greenbush will be closed on Wednesday, is so that additional tests can be done on the powder.

Just to be 100-percent sure, that there wasn't anything else, mixed in with the cornstarch.

The FBI is investigating the incident.