Wife gives her husband an in home “travel experience” for his birthday

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK (WLNE): Allison Berger and her husband recently got married and it was their first time celebrating a birthday as a married couple.

Kirk Berger was turning 30 years old but the two quickly realized with social distancing and quarantine orders in place, they would not be able to celebrate outside their New York City apartment walls.

Allison Berger was not going to let that stop her from celebrating so she took her creativity to a whole new level and came up with an in-home “travel experience ” in their 2 bedroom apartment.

First, she handed her husband his very own boarding pass to kick off the adventure.


The first stop was Nashville, a section set up in their kitchen with wings, cowboy hats, and beer!

Next up on the trip was Italy, a romantic table for two set up in their bedroom, with wine, a charcuterie board, images of Italy on the television, and of course, Italian music playing in the background.

For dessert,  the two went to Aspen, where a quiet, cozy corner was set up in the second bedroom with a fireplace screen monitor, whiskey, and s’ mores.

Lastly, the two went to the Bahamas, where Allison filled the tub up with floats!


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