Wind-Driven Rainstorm on the Way

We will watch for the development of a strong coastal storm tonight through Friday. It will be a multi-faceted storm with high wind and rain elements.

Storm Details

Starting with the rain, light ocean-generated rain showers moving in from the northeast will give way to the developing storm rain from the west late tonight. After midnight, the rain will pick up and become heavy at times through the day on Friday. The rain won’t end until Saturday morning where it may kick over to a brief period of snow as the storm departs. While we will see 1-2 inches of rain, no snow accumulation is expected.

Wlne Rainfall Forecast

Winds will ramp up overnight and a WIND ADVISORY has been issued for all coastal counties in southeastern Southern New England starting at 4am and lasting through 7pm Friday.

In coastal areas, we could see wind gusting from the northeast up to 50 miles per hour, meanwhile, interior counties could see gusts to 40 mph. As a result, we have the chance of power outages, tree damage, lofting of lightweight and unsecured objects (like holiday decorations and online deliveries) and trash cans being blown down the street after trash collection. Wlne Future Wind Gusts Weather Headlines

After the storm passes Saturday morning, we will clear to sunny skies. Thanks to high pressure, sunshine abounds through the remainder of the weekend through midweek. Temperatures will be in a slightly below average trend through most of next week.

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