Wind turbines strike heated debate in Fairhaven

There was outrage from dozens of Fairhaven residents Monday at a health board meeting over two turbines set to go up in town.

The residents said they feel helpless at this point. They already lost a court battle to stop the turbines, and now the town has started clearing land for the project. Plus, when they try to get answers from town leaders, they said this is what happens.

“Thank you. Please submit all your stuff in writing for us, we will review it,” said the board chairman Monday, “You gotta submit all your stuff first.”

That's what about fifty concerned citizens heard from the health board after one after the other voiced their worries about wind turbines.

“We have a right to be here,” shouted one of them, “We have a right to be heard. You cannot silence us.”

“I would just like an opportunity to say I had no idea these were going up,” said another resident, “I was never informed by the town.”

Many of them are angry they couldn't get on the agenda Monday night. Donna McKenna said she was put on it three weeks ago but was taken off. She's not sure why.

“I showed up tonight and they denied me to speak,” McKenna said, “We did have some people here from Falmouth to tell us about their experiences with the wind turbines.”

And McKenna said that's her worry. Those experiences weren't good.

“After about a month and a half, I was in a depression, and for me it creates anxiety, stress,” said Barry Funfar whose dealt with the turbines first hand in Falmouth. He lives near one, so he spoke to the Fairhaven group about how the shadows and dull noises affect his life.

“To me it's like torture, and I feel a quivering in my chest,” said Funfar, “I call it my anxiety center now.”

And to a lot of these folks the idea of that is scary. That's why 170 of them have signed a petition and made signs.

“They are too close to their homes and they were not notified,” said McKenna, “Some of them were not notified four years ago when they were going to originally put them in.”

We did try to talk to the health board. They said they won't comment without more information. Construction began last month for the 260 foot structures.