Winter’s not over: Professional driving trainer shares winter safety tips

We’re just one-third of the way through the winter season. Here’s how you can prepare for future winter driving conditions.

By: Tim Studebaker

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QUONSET, R.I. (WLNE) – From snow, to sleet, to freezing rain and ice, the winter season can bring a wide range of challenges when you want or need to hit the road.  Anthony Ricci, owner of Advanced Driving & Security lives and breathes driver safety and security.

Ricci says, “One of the things we put first and foremost in all of our classes, is we start with safety talks and how this particular skill set will apply to reality.”

Advanced Driving & Security specializes in training drivers, from new-to-the road all the way up to professionals.  He puts drivers through several drills on a closed course, and when Mother Nature cooperates, he includes winter driving as part of his curriculum.

Ricci says, “If I had a facility where I could guarantee snow 100% of the time, we would have winter driving classes every day.”

He says proper winter safety starts even before the next storm is on the 7 day forecast.

Ricci says, “Just like in November when you change your wardrobe out and say ‘hey I want to take out my favorite sweater and get rid of my t-shirt because it’s getting cold,’ you’d do the same for your car.”

That means checking the battery, tires, wipers, and making sure you have a scraper, brush, shovel, and jumper kit.  Once the next winter storm hits, he says fluffy snow or sleet will provide some traction. Compact snow is more slippery. But, he says you should pay special attention when ice is in the forecast.

Ricci says, “As a trained driver, there’s not a whole lot you can do with ice.  An object in motion tends to stay in motion, and you will, until you crash.  Really, the thing to do in an ice storm is do your best to avoid going out.”

Advanced Driving & Security offers driving classes to the public.  Visit them here for more information:

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