Woman Brings $10,000 Bill to Lowell Bank

LOWELL, Mass. (AP) – Staff at a Lowell bank naturally became suspicious when a woman came in with a $10,000 bill.

It didn't take long to determine the unusual bank note brought in Tuesday was a fake.

Michael Gallagher, risk management director at Enterprise Bank, tells The Sun of Lowell that it is believed there are only about 300 $10,000 bills left, and most are in the hands of collectors.
They haven't been in circulation since the 1930s.

The bank called police, who in turn notified the U.S. Secret Service, the agency that investigates counterfeiting.

Gallagher would not say what kind of transaction the woman attempted with the note.

The woman's name was not released because she has not been charged, but a police spokesman says she may have mental health issues.

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