Woman heading to RI for funeral killed in Brussels terror attack

A woman heading to Rhode Island for the funeral of her step-father was among those killed in the Brussels terror attacks on Tuesday.

Moments before two bombs exploded at the airport Elita Weah sent a photo to her family here in the Ocean State.

"They took my hero away from me, my life. She was important to her family. She was there for everybody in the family. She was the only person that was there for the family. They took our hero away from us,” said Oscar Weah, Elita’s brother.

Elita was one of eight. Many of her siblings and other relatives gathering in Providence Friday night. Gut wrenching screams and cries heard coming from the home as they begin to cope with this devastating loss.

"It’s too much for me, too much pain,” said Elita’s older sister Theresa.

The family just learned on Friday that Elita had passed away. They’ve spent the past several days searching for her since those bombs exploded.

"These people need to be destroyed. They destroyed our innocent family for no reason. They do not need to exist we are really praying that they will be destroyed,” said another one of Elita’s siblings.

Elita was living in the Netherlands.

"They took our star the only star that shined bright in the night time they took her away. I only met my aunt one time in my whole entire life, I didn’t know that was going to be my last,” said Eden Weah.

The family is asking for help getting Elita’s body to this country. Her brother, Oscar says he’d like to bring her kids here from Liberia and raise them.

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