Woman helps get homeless man back on his feet

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – If you’ve ever driven by this strip mall on Mineral Spring Ave in North Providence, you may have noticed a car parked in the same spot week after week and a man named Pete.

“I’ve seen this car since the summer and I never thought anything about it… I just thought he was a gym junkie, “ says Monique Pass of North Providence

After doing a little investigating Pass learned that man Pete wasn’t working out at Planet Fitness.

“He was living out of his car that does not run,“ says Pass.

That sent Pass on a mission. It started out with her dropping off warm meals and clothes to Pete.

“I couldn’t sleep at night knowing he had no family… and was sleeping in his car sitting up with no heat, “ says Pass.

 She started a GoFund Me page, hoping to get Pete back on his feet and the donations started pouring in.

“With all the turmoil and negativity and the year that has been brought to us with this pandemic I just think people want to see some good come out of it, “ adds Pass.

The goal was to get Pete into housing.

“He won’t go, he has an emotional attachment to this area. It’s where he and his mom lived before she died.”

So instead… She used the money to get Pete this new car.

A new friendship Pass says will last a lifetime and one that was meant to be during these trying times.

“I looked at his license yesterday for the DMV and I said Pete we have the same birthday. I said I feel like your mom sent me to you because she doesn’t want to see you living on the street anymore, “ says Pass.

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