Woman Jumps Out Of Boyfriend’s Car On 95

New details are coming out about the woman who jumped out  of a moving car in Providence and was killed.  Family members told us she was dating the man driving the car.    

Police say 21 year old Erica Moul jumped from her boyfriend's car on 95 in Providence. Her boyfriend is being charged with  drunk driving.

Relatives said Erica worked as a dancer for 48 year old Joseph Aloisio at Pearl nightclub in Providence.

Early Saturday morning, officers said the couple was driving on the Washington Street overpass on 95 when Erica jumped out of the car and was killed.  

“Just disbelief,” said cousin Destinie Moul, “I think we're still all going through that right now. “She had her whole life ahead of her and we'll miss her always.”

Erica's cousin, Destinie said now all she has is memories. The circumstances of the 21-year-old's death are unusual. Her boyfriend is charged with DUI.

“There's no plausible explanation as to why this happened that somebody would jump out of a car,” said legal analyst Ken Schreiber, “People don't usually jump out of a car unless they have some type of a reason or some sort of emotional distress signal. Here those questions are unanswered.”

Schreiber, an attorney with no connection to the case, said police may never know the exact circumstances, since one of the two people involved is dead.

“She was taken from us far too soon,” said Destinie, “I'm sure that she had a lot that she could offer to us and to the rest of the world.”

Police said Joseph Aloisio stopped the car when Erica jumped out. He's charged with DUI and refusing a breathalyzer test.