Woman pulled from car and beaten by dirt bike, ATV riders

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- Providence police are investigating a brutal attack on a woman Tuesday night.

Providence police say around 11:30 p.m. at the intersection of Smith Street and Orms Street, a 35-year-old woman in her car was stuck behind about 10 ATVs and dirt bikes who “disregarded two full cycle of traffic lights,” preventing the woman from driving her car.

According to the police report, she honked her horn then drove outbound on Orms Street. She was then “abruptly surrounded by a large group of ATVs and dirt bikes.”

Police said several riders got off their bikes, opened her side door and began to assault her. She was dragged from her car and beaten in the street.

Additionally, Providence police say an 8-year-old girl was in the car at the time of the assault.

The men on ATVs and dirt bikes then fled on Valley Street.

Several of the men were described as riding blue colored dirt bikes. One suspect was described as a light skin man with braided her, white sneakers, black pants and a black hoodie.

Providence’s Fraternal Order of Police issued a statement in regard to Tuesday’s attack:

“Yesterday, a woman was viciously pulled out of her vehicle and brutally assaulted by a gang of ATV and dirt bike riders. Any article on social media regarding these erratic and dangerous groups of bikes and ATVs is met with people claiming “they aren’t hurting anyone,” and “bikes not bullets.” The Mayor and Commissioner refuse to allow the Providence Police to engage in proactive measures to keep these unsafe vehicles off the street, but where do they draw the line? The more we embolden criminal behavior and turn a blind eye, the worse the city will get. How many more innocent people have to be hurt and traumatized before the Mayor and Commissioner see that giving criminals the keys to the city does not work? Random crimes terrorizing and hurting innocent, law-abiding citizens are becoming all too commonplace in the city. The “defund the police” movement serves nothing aside from emboldening criminals and harming the rest. These issues need to be addressed immediately, yet where are the Mayor and the Commissioner? Instead of being on the forefront of fixing the mess they’ve created, they continue to hide behind their titles and only come out to critique the police for trying to keep the city safe.”

Councilman David Salvatore of Ward 14 issued a statement reading in part:

“I am calling on my council colleagues to suspend our August recess to convene an emergency City Council as a Whole meeting. I am calling on Mayor Elorza, Commissioner Pare and the Providence Police Department to join us to discuss their plan to address the violence in our city, which has become an out of control, almost daily threat to the safety of our residents.

As local leaders, we owe it to our community to create systems which ensure that our city is a safe place to live and work. A woman driving in her car with her infant child should not have to fear being a victim of brutal physical violence.

The gun violence, the physical attacks and reckless behavior of individuals in our city have resulted in grief, loss, and fear in our community. It is time for the city to take decisive action to put a stop to this senseless violence and better serve the people trying to make a home in the city of Providence.”

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza shared the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

“We had an awful incident in our city last night that left a young woman shaken and injured. We will continue to dedicate all our available resources to getting these illegal ATVs off our streets and to bring those responsible to justice. Our police department has seized and destroyed over 200 bikes and we will continue to pull over and arrest people who are using these bikes illegally.”

This comes after a weekend of violence: four stabbings and a total of six people shot in two separate incidents. One of which, a 24-year-old woman was shot and killed on Olney Street in a drive-by shooting that police believe was random.

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