Woman robbed and carjacked in Providence

Providence- A trip to the ATM took a dangerous turn for one woman in Providence Wednesday. After depositing money into this Citizens Bank ATM on Hartford Avenue, the 61 year old returned to her car. That’s when a man, who was hiding in the back seat of the car grabbed her by the hair, pointed a metal object to her head and said "don’t say anything." He ordered her to withdraw $500  from her account when she told him she only had $400 he settled for that. Once the woman got the money from the ATM, the carjacker made her drive down the street. At the intersection of Hartford Ave and Stella Street he told her to get out.
"He said to get out of the car, get out of the car," says Yonei DaSilva, friend of the family.
DaSilva says her friend is pretty shaken up.

"Her boyfriend, he says she’s no good. She’s scared."

DaSilva says the car still hasn’t been located, and there is no word on whether any arrests have been made. The suspect is described as a skinny Hispanic male, wearing a black ski mask over his face.. Tan pants.. Dark gloves with fingertips showing.

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