Woman spots black bear in front yard

By: Rebecca Turco

Email: rturco@abc6.com

WRENTHAM – A Wrentham woman caught sight of a black bear Thursday evening, as it was roaming around her front yard.

Luke Joannides told ABC6 News that his wife, Cheryl, spotted the bear a few minutes after he had left their Benjamin Day Drive home. She looked out the window and saw it staring back at her less than 20 feet away.

Cheryl frantically called her husband. “I asked her, ‘Are you sure you saw a black bear?’ And she said, ‘You have to turn around, you have to get back here.’”

Cheryl called 911 and notified neighbors down the street. Then when the bear walked further away, she opened the door to document the encounter. “I think she worked through her nerves as she was doing it, without a doubt,” Luke explained.

Neighbors are used to having deer and the occasional coyote in their yards, but never a bear.

Luke said police searched the area Thursday evening and could not find the bear. Many residents feel uneasy about this.

“It’s someone scary, obviously,” said Art Wessel. “I don’t feel comfortable knowing that there’s a bear around here,” explained Lisa Ferdenzi.

Wrentham Police say if you see a bear, you should back away slowly, and don’t tempt them by leaving trash or food outside.

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