Woman utilizes unusually warm weather to decorate for Christmas

By Liz Tufts


The calendar may say November 5th, but the thermometer sure doesn’t match up! These first days of November have been warmer than normal, and people are taking advantage of it while they can.

ABC6 News found one woman who took the opportunity to do a job that come say could definitely wait just a few more weeks.

Whether it’s running, walking, or simply being outside, many are taking advantage of this gift given to us by mother nature herself–especially Dawn Goff of Pawtucket.

"When I heard about the weather I just could not resist getting out here. I’ll tell you, you cant ask for better weather than this!" says Goff, who decided to unpack her Christmas decorations a few weeks early.

"The good thing is that my fingers aren’t getting cold. I’m usually freezing putting this stuff up," says Goff.

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and Goff is unpacking her trees and hanging her candy canes before it gets too cold to be outside.

"You have to take advantage of this, being in new England we don’t get weather like this in November," she says.

Goff admits she’s gotten a few weird looks from her neighbors and those passing by, including Andrew Howe, who lives down the street. Howe had to stop and let it all sink in.

"It’s a little early because Thanksgiving hasn’t even begun yet," says Howe.

But Goff doesn’t care, because she says soon enough, her lawn will be blanketed with snow and ice, and days like these will be a think of the past.  She is the vice president of Pawtucket’s Winter Wonderland display, so as you can imagine–Christmas is a huge deal to her and her family.

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