Woman works in Kent Hospital ICU all while 9 months pregnant

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE): Of the health care workers on the front lines, helping fight the pandemic, an emergency medicine resident physician at Kent Hospital is also pregnant and expecting a baby in just two weeks.

Annie Dulski and her husband Robert Dulski are expecting their first baby in April.

“We’ve been really excited! We didn’t want to know the gender so we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl,” Annie Dulski said.

According to the CDC, Dulski is at high risk for COVID-19 since she’s pregnant. Despite this, the soon to be mother has been on rotation in the intensive care unit taking care of critically ill patients.

“I’ve been in the ICU for the last couple weeks working so they try to let me not go into any rooms where we might suspect anything,” Dulski said. “So everyone’s been great.”

The Dulski’s moved from Chicago to Warwick 3 years ago after Annie was accepted into the residency program. As of this week, Care New England and Dulski decided it would be for her best health to stay home.

“My wife is selfless and makes sure she’s always putting other people before herself,” her husband, Robert Dulski, said. ” She stays extra hours. It made me a little worried she was being exposed but she was helping out the greater good.”

Dulski said she always felt comfortable at the hospital thanks to her co-workers and just keeping the right precautions.

“I have really great co-workers and everyone has been doing the best they can to protect themselves but also still give the best care we can to our patients.”

While the soon to be parents can now rest up, there are those on the front line who don’t have the option,

“Were extremely appreciative of it because life doesn’t stop for us having a baby soon.”

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