Woodmansee Penalized for Disciplinary Infraction at ACI; May Appeal

Convicted child-killer Michael Woodmansee has been penalized for a recent dispensary infraction involving a razor at the ACI.

Department of Corrections Director AT Wall tells ABC6 News that a hearing on the infraction Tuesday concluded that Woodmansee was disobedient when he flushed a disposable razor down the toilet earlier this month.

Prison rules stipulate that inmates issued the razors are supposed to turn them back in to correctional officers after using them, as a safety measure.

As a result of the infraction, Woodmansee stands to add 20 days on to his sentence. 10 days of disciplinary confinement for the disobedience, and another 10 days he won't be able to earn for good behavior this month, known as 'good time'.

Woodmansee has the right to appeal the decision, however, and has indicated he would like to, though he hasn't as of noon on Wednesday.

Woodmansee is scheduled to be released in August, 12 years early. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison as part of a plea deal in the murder of Jason Foreman, killed in 1975.