Woonsocket AD Nasuti in Hospital After Fall

By Matt Blanchette


twitter: @mattblanchette

Woonsocket High School Athletic Director George Nasuti is in serious condition at Rhode Island Hospital following a fall while reffing a youth basketball game in Burrillville on Friday night. 

Nasuti in a legendary figure in the Woonsocket community. He fell while reffing and hit his head.

There is a Facebook page for community members to send their suppost. It can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1386755358213733/

Nasuti's son, Chris, took to Twitter to update friends on his father's update. He wrote,

“Everyone, my father, George Nasuti, had an accident while reffing a game. Right now he's not in the best condition. However, as you all know if there's anyone who can thrive through this, it's him. My family appreciates all your support. We ask that you don't try to visit him, But absolutely keep him in your prayers. Like he always says, have respect, get respect, and that's what he needs most…. He has a whole city behind his back. You don't tug on superman's cape. He's going to be okay. Not everything out there is true right now, So please, if you have something you would like to do, don't contact my mother or brother, just me. I love all of you guys, and best believet hat my father would have everyone's back. I've never been prouder to have the name Christopher GEORGE Nasuti. And regardless if you're a Novan, a Rhode islander, or from somewhere else, I'll be sure to let the big guy know how much he's loved. My hero will be alright!”