Woonsocket Fire, Inspiring Story of Survival

A fire turns into an inspiring story of survival in Woonsocket, after a neighbor warns his friends to get out after seeing smoke.

They've lost most of what they own, but they have their lives thanks to one man who lives in the apartment building.

“If it wasn't for our neighbor, we would have never got out,” said Eva Hemingway, “He's the one that warned everybody to get out.”

Hemingway said her neighbor, Glen, pounded on her door at around six thirty Wednesday and yelled fire. That's when she filed down the stairs at her Cass Avenue apartment before it was too late.

“Very grateful. He saved our lives,” she said. Without that knock, Hemingway said she would have been sleeping as the basement fire spread up into the attic.     

Ed Fleury was also thankful. His daughter, grand daughter and son in law made it out of the apartment building okay.

“My granddaughter was talking to my wife, and she said I smell smoke and they hung up the phone,” said Fleury. And when he came to see what happened her saw flames and a lot of smoke and water damage. The new bed Fleury just put together for his young granddaughter was up in smoke.

“They're on the second floor,” he said, “They lost everything. You can see it all the smoke and water.”

The Red Cross was on hand to help the people who live in that Cass Avenue apartment building. Fire crews said they're not sure at this point if the apartment building is a total loss or what caused that fire.