Woonsocket 12 Year Old Is Beaten By Friends

 A Woonsocket mother is in tears. Her 12 year old daughter was beaten by four of her girlfriends.     

Police said home video helped them catch the girls. They said the girls brutally beat their friend, because she called one of their ex-boyfriend's cute.

Holly Gingerella was she's shocked her daughter's friends, girls who sat in her house just days before, gave her daughter two black eyes and a swollen face.          

They beat her in one of their yards and it was all caught on tape.
12 year old Alicia Gingerella is kicked, slammed to the ground, and punched in the head. The home video of it is tough to watch, especially for her mother.

“I don't know how she managed to get through that,” said mom Holly Gingerella, “It was a long video of her being beaten. I don't know how she managed to get through it. My heart was breaking.”

Alicia was over at a friend's house last weekend with three other girls, when she called one of their ex-boyfriends cute, and they beat her.

“I have seen a lot of fight videos on YouTube but nothing like this where you had a gang of girls onto just one, where they're literally straddling her and pounding on her face for such a long time,” said Woonsocket Police Sergeant Matthew Ryan.

The video goes on for about five minutes, and Sergeant Ryan said the beating continues even after that. But Alicia is doing okay, just a little shaken up. She said the outpouring of support from her classmates has helped her get through this. They wore shirts in her honor.

 “The shirts said things like get well soon, we support you and just things that were really positive in terms of showing her they support her,” said Principal Patrick McGee, “And really they're against this type of violence.”

Students like Brianna St. Jean are wearing the shirts. She barely knows Alicia, but is wearing this shirt that says “Nobody Deserves That”.

Alicia's mother told Abc6 she's upset the man who videotaped the beating won't face any charges, but police said his video actually helped them arrest the four girls who assaulted Alicia.