Woonsocket man charged with beating his wife

By: Chloe Leshner



WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WLNE) — A Woonsocket man is charged with domestic assault after brutally beating his wife last weekend. Police say it happened after the couple had been celebrating the woman’s birthday.

According to police the woman had a brain bleed and 4 broken ribs after her husband allegedly assaulted her. Making matters even worse, the woman is already battling stage 4 cancer.

David Leduc is behind bars days after beating his wife so badly she ended up in the hospital

"It was certainly a serious, serious violent episode," says Captain Michael Lemoine with the Woonsocket Police Department.

When police arrived to their apartment building on Blackstone Street early Sunday morning, they found Leduc and his wife in the hallway. It looked like he was dragging her and she was clearly in distress.

"Right away the victim just completely broke down, she was grateful that the police were there to protect her," says Lemoine.

She told police they were celebrating her birthday in Providence but after an argument she left him there. He eventually made it back to their apartment.

"She told police that she was pretty badly beaten. She was chased, punched, her head was banged against the floor and she was choked," says Lemoine.

He also disabled a phone to keep her from calling police.

Woonsocket police have never had an incident with the couple before but Leduc was convicted for a misdemeanor domestic assault in 2004.

A friend of the couple tells ABC 6 News he’s surprised by Leduc’s actions, especially because his wife has stage four cancer.

"It just compounds this whole traumatic incident where she was already suffering and recovering from cancer," adds Lemoine.

The friend tells ABC 6 News the woman is beginning to recover from her injuries.

According to court documents Leduc was arraigned on Tuesday and held on bail. He’s been ordered to not have contact with his wife.

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