Woonsocket teen speaks man charged with enticement of children

By News Staff


The Woonsocket Police Department arrested a man after he tried to entice two female juveniles as they walked home along North Main Street.

According to the police report, Luis LaSanta Vega, 29, was in his car when pulled up next the girls and asked if they needed a ride. The girls refused and he persisted, prompting one of the girls to threaten to call the police.

“We saw this car and it stopped right beside us and he looked at us.  He stopped again right next to us he said do you girls need a ride home and we said no we’re walking home he said are you sure,” said victim 15-year-old Mikayla DuBois.

LaSanat Vega eventually exited his car and walked towards the girls before they ran to the closest house where police were called.

“He said I am he police then she kept saying she’s gonna call the police and he said come on mommy get in the car,” said DuBois who went on to say “It was very frightening.”

The description of his car, a dark colored Honda, prompted police to refer back to a vehicle stop on Arnold Street that happened the evening before. The driver’s description matched the suspect in the report.

LaSanta Vega was already wanted on a bench warrant for failure to appear for sentencing out of District Court in Providence.

Police arrested him without incident at his Woonsocket apartment. He was charged with impersonation of a public officer, and enticement of children.

“What would have happened if he grabbed hold of her and took, you know I can’t even imagine what that would have been like,” said mom Tabatha DuBois.

“I was happy he’s caught and not on the street anymore,” said Mikayla DuBois.

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