Woonsocket mom in ‘total disbelief’ after video shows son attacked in high school hallways

WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WLNE) — A Woonsocket mother is pleading for help after her son was allegedly attacked in the high school hallways.

“Not one teacher, not one principal, not one person did anything for my son to not continue to be attacked while he was down,” Carissa Costa said.

The incident happened on Friday, according to police. The school was sent into lockdown shortly after the incident as law enforcement investigated what happened.

Video obtained by ABC 6 News shows a group of students fighting while one person is on the group. There were several racial slurs said during the incident, as well as an object that was thrown.

“The video just… even watching it just upset me as a parent because I was in disbelief,” Costa told ABC 6. “Total disbelief.”

Both the superintendent and police said that there were no weapons involved in the attack. Instead, they say the object thrown in the video was a cell phone. Woonsocket Police Chief Thomas Oates said one student was charged with felony assault for using that phone as a blunt object.

In a statement sent to families, Superintendent Patrick McGee said in part, “People are stating on social media that a student was stabbed during this incident. After investigating the incident, the object that was thrown was a cell phone and NOT a knife, and at no time was anyone stabbed.”

However, Costa said her son and several students who witnessed the incident tell a different story.

“In the video you can see where my child was being kicked in the head numerous times. The children used brass knuckles, a belt buckle, my son has welts on his back, and also a box cutter,” she continued.

Costa told ABC 6 that she has reached out to the police and school departments several times but feels like she isn’t being heard. She wants more actions to be taken against the students.

Police said that they are actively identifying and charging those involved.

ABC 6 reached out to the superintendent but have yet to hear back.

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