Woonsocket selling its old street signs

by ABC6 News Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis


“Elm Street, Elm Street,” shouted one customer.

Elm Street is for sale in Woonsocket! No not the whole street, just the signs that has marked it for decades.

The city is selling off the old signs as a holiday fundraiser.

It's making good money on the sentimental.

“I grew up there. We lived there for 30 something years. My father still lives there and there's only two houses on the street,” said Darlene Hill who grew up on Brier Street and bought the sign.

Other's were looking for streets that honored family members.

“My father–in–law, the street is named after him. And he was the Mayor of the city, back in the 70s,” said Steve D'Agostino, son-in-law of a former Mayor John Cummings.

The signs go for ten dollars a piece.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “Well I searched the files for a Curtis Street or a Mark Way, but I didn't find one, but I am, sure I will find something in here that I like.

This city has already raised three thousand dollars for a charity known as “The Milk Fund” which helps those in need.

Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt said, “And it helps seniors, and it helps working families. It helps to bring milk to the table. And it's been very successful. You know times are challenging so raising funds is more and more difficult.”

And while you couldn't really make them a stocking stuffer, lots were going as last minute gifts.

“Merry Christmas,” said Kyle Hill who was sign shopping with his grandma.

The street signs are on sale through December 30th.

You don't have to live in Woonsocket to buy them.