Woonsocket sisters accused of killing their father return to court

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — The twin sisters accused of viciously killing their father were back in court Tuesday for a bail hearing.

What should have been a simple bail hearing, lasted for hours.

Jennifer and Danielle Pamula are facing first degree domestic murder charges after their father was found dead with a pair of garden shears in his neck on Jan. 30, 2023. Police say the incident happened at 241 Cato St. in Woonsocket.

During Tuesday’s hearing, a plethora of evidence was presented.

Among one of the witnesses brought to the stand, a Woonsocket detective responsible for photographing evidence, including the Pamula sisters’ bruised hands and soiled clothes. The detective called the clothes soiled with a “red substance.”

An hour-long video of Jennifer being questioned by police in the hospital was also presented. In the video, she tells police the night her father died, he was being aggressive towards her, and came at her with a knife. That’s when Jennifer said she grabbed a knife to protect herself. She also told police her sister Danielle was upstairs at the time.

A lawyer representing Jennifer, Kelsey McDonald, had the detective compare the bruising on the hands of both Jennifer and Danielle.

During the hearing, it was also said that the Pamula house was in complete disarray, and extremely cluttered. There were also several cats in cages upstairs inside the home.

Jennifer claims in the video, that her father wanted those cats out and the house cleaned up, so he could sell the house.

Also a part of the evidence presented, was a video of the scene inside the Woonsocket home, which showed the father of Jennifer and Danielle lying on the kitchen floor, stabbed with the pair of garden shears.

On Wednesday, the hearing will continue at Providence District Court. Once the hearing is complete, the judge will decide whether or not he is granting the sisters bail.

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