Woonsocket Ukrainian Church holds prayer service, one year since Russian invasion

This is a photo of Saint Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church in Woonsocket. (WLNE)

WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WLNE) — Friday marked one year since Russia invaded Ukraine, and while the people there are living an every day horror, the people in the United States are continuing to find ways to give their support

“Every day, people are dying, people are losing their loved ones,” Mykhaylo Dosyak, the pastor at Saint Michael the Archangel, Ukranian Catholic Church said.

In Woonsocket, people gathered to look back on the last year in Ukraine and offered prayers, hoping that the war will end soon. 

They told ABC 6 News that February 24th 2022, is a dark day to remember, as Russia made its way across the border, and began its un-provoked attack on Ukraine, taking countless lives while forcing millions to re-locate from their homes.

“This is horrible, this is the worst devil can do to the humanity, to kill,” Dosyak said.

Those who made their way out to this Ukrainian catholic church in Woonsocket wanted to offer whatever support they could.

“Actually its simply, you may not believe this but it makes me feel like I’m simply doing what I’m supposed to,” Jack Tracy, a district deputy for the Knights of Columbus said.

“It was so nice, I was a little bit worried about how many people will come, and when I saw almost whole church with the people, I was so happy,” Dosyak continued.

President Biden and the United States military has sent billions in military equipment to the country. 

It is support that speaks volumes to people like father Dosyak, who still has family in Ukraine, “thank you so much to America, American people, to the president of the U.S. who’s very, very supportive to Ukraine,” he said.

There will be services held at Saint Michael the Archangel, Ukranian Cathlic Church, all weekend to continue the prayer for Ukraine and its people, Saturday at 4 pm in English, and Sunday at 11 am in Ukrainian.  

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