Worcester begins cleaning up after tornado

By: ABC6 News Staff
Reporting By: Nicole Brazier

Cleanup has begun in some of the Worcester areas most affected by Sunday night’s EF-0 tornado. The small funnel is believed to have touched down between 8:10 and 8:14 somewhere near the Vernon Hill neighborhood.

“I was looking out the door and I was seeing the wind blowing really hard and one of the branches hit the other side of the house, and it made a hole right there,” said resident Adwin Rivera.

About 150 homes lost power, and though Monday’s Labor Day holiday meant a day off for most, both private and city workers took to the streets to help remove trees and clear out debris.

“The city’s trying to make sure all city streets are passable. We’re going to keep the dump open tomorrow Tuesday morning earlier so people can come in and bring in some tree limbs from their yards as well,” said Rep. Daniel Donahue.

No major injuries were reported as a result of the tornado. Many residents say the situation could have been much worse.

“It was lucky you know I had parked my car outside, that was a miracle, my neighbor the same thing, she usually parks it right there where all our trees fell, they just fell right there, if not her car would have been squished!” said Yahaira Padilla who lives on the hard hit street.

Although the area isn’t really known for tornados, Worcester is no stranger to this type of severe weather. In 1953, 94 people were killed when a twister touched down in the city. That was actually the 21st deadliest tornado in US history.

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