Worcester man arrested for attacking another with a machete

By: The Associated Press


WORCESTER, M.A. – Worcester police have arrested a man they say attacked another man with a machete.              

Officers responded to a Colton Street apartment at about 7:20 p.m. Sunday for reports of stabbing.

When they got there, they were told the victim had already been taken to the hospital with injuries to the head and neck area.          

Officers learned that the suspect may still be on the scene. They followed a trail of blood to a basement apartment where they found a man still holding a machete.

The apparently intoxicated man dropped the machete after being told several times to do so.             

Police charged 39-year-old Fausto Portillo with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. It could not immediately be determined if he has a lawyer.              

The victim’s name was not released.

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