Workers deal with heat wave throughout state

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — With Rhode Island sitting in a heat advisory until Friday, people found different ways to stay cool.

For a Rhode Island Energy worker, his day of work started early and he worked through the hot conditions.

“We started at approximately 7 a.m. We have a 90 degree weather clause and that was just announced. So right now, we are making our work safe but we will stand by in the event of an emergency,” said Timothy O’Donnell.

What’s Rhode Island Energy’s 90 degree weather clause?

O’Donnell explained that once the temperatures reach 90 degrees, workers stand by in their air conditioned vehicles or work safely in the conditions if they are able to.

“Wear the appropriate clothing, drink lots of water, stand in the shade, and look our for my coworkers because they could have an emergency they are not aware of, so we just help each other,” added O’Donnell.

The construction workers on site on Traverse Street made sure to stay hydrated.

“Our company is good about keeping water around and we stay hydrated,” said Rashad Rockett, JD Cements.

The severe heat forced workers to take breaks throughout the day.

“We are good with taking breaks — we work hard. [The] main thing is to avoid sugary drinks. If there is shade around, we take advantage of that. We do whatever we can,” Rockett said.

Also Thursday, 19 Providence schools canceled classes because they don’t have AC. Plus, the city opened several public spaces for residents to keep cool.

For a full list of cooling centers in Providence, click here.

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