Workers keep warm in cold weather

By Dana Griffin

PROVIDENCE, RI- The wind and cold temperatures have forced outside crews to bundle up. Tree cutting and cable crews shared their methods for keeping warm.

Stanley Tree Service worker, Joshua Pytka said, “You know the warm heat pads? You put them in your gloves, your boots.”

“Fleece–lined jeans, two pairs of socks, one pair of wool socks, under armor shirt, long sleeve thermal shirt over that,” said Cox Communication worker, Scott Lepine.

Terrell Desuze, with Cox Communication said, “Lot of times, it's difficult to work with the gloves on so a lot of times you have to remove the gloves to do the work that we do.”

The crews use a tag–team method for keeping warm.  While one person is up in the bucket, the other is in the car enjoying the heat. This helps prevent frostbite and hypothermia.

Although temperatures have recently hit below zero, work doesn't stop for these guys.

“No, we actually just came back from the ice storm from New York, right on the Canadian border so we actually work in anything, rain, sleet, snow,” said Pytka.

Lepine adds, “You know maybe during a blizzard during the high, high winds they'll pull us off the roads for a little but, other than that it's just lightning, other than that you're working.”

Cold temperatures and wind can also cause dryer conditions; dehydration is a concern.

With water, layers, and periodic breaks, these outdoor workers can still be safe, all while providing the services we need.

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