World Cup fever in full swing

By: Alexandra Cowley 

The U. lost against Germany in Thursday’s World Cup game, but the American team will still get to advance to the knockout round. More than 12 hours of downpours nearly canceled the close competition.

Main roads turned into puddles and access to the stadium seemed nearly impossible. Thankfully the game went on without a hitch, but the US didn’t exactly come out on top.

Soccer is getting more and more popular here in the US, taking over social media and local restaurants in Providence.

Spats in Providence had standing room only as fans chanted, “I believe that we will win!”

It’s the chant we’ve all come to know and love during this year’s World Cup games.

Whether from the US or Germany, people came out in droves in the middle of the work day to cheer on Team USA.

“You have to have the spirit, I mean this is what the game is all about. I grew up in Germany and this is what happens there so seeing it here just makes me happy,” said Christian Franck.

We found soccer players at the Marriott in Providence. They were in town for a big tournament this weekend at URI. Watching the game, even though a loss, got them pumped for their match–ups on the field.

“It’s very exciting, it’s great for the kids to see at the highest level and to experience what it’s like and the pride in their country and hopefully that translates on the field with the kids,” said coach Doug Nevins.

Goalie Alyssa Dellacqua said “watching Tim Howard make those saves is like awesome. I want to be like that and I guess I have to play like that this weekend if I want a chance to win.”

Because Ghana lost to Portugal Thursday, USA will advance to the knockout round.

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