World Cup victory inspiring RI girl’s soccer team

By News Staff

Reporting by Liz Tufts

Soccer fans across the country are still celebrating after the U.S. women’s soccer team made history Sunday night.

The team won its first World Cup Championship in 16 years, and for young athletes here in Rhode Island, they’re inspired more than ever before.

A record-breaking win—the U.S. women’s national team claiming its third World Cup victory yesterday and taking back the title lost to Japan four years ago.

The Rhode Island’s premiere traveling team, Bayside FC, is still wound up over Sunday’s incredible performance.

“It was overwhelming because they scored four goals within like 14 minutes, and that never happens. Everything was happening so fast,” said Mia Pueglia, Bayside FC team member.

These girls picked up a soccer ball as young as three years old, and now in their early teens they have dreams of someday making it on the U.S. woman’s national team.

“They are inspiring, they get back up when they get hurt and they've had a long ride to get where they are,” continued Mia.

“I want to be like them someday,” exclaims team member, Samantha Prario.

 “They are down to earth and they don't let anything get to them, and they are all about their fans,” described team member, Sidney Harrison.

The U.S. women’s team is inspiring young soccer players across the world to shoot for their dreams, proving that if you work hard enough, you can conquer all of your goals.

“It shows that women are just as athletic and we can do whatever men can do,” says Sydney.

After the big game, President Obama invited the team to the White House, tweeting, “What a win for Team USA.”

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