World’s Fastest Golfer Has Message For Kids

After surviving a serious crash, in which his car flipped 27 times, golfer David 'Ogie' Ogron decided to spread a message. He's using his second chance to talk to kids about the importance of perseverance, about never giving up on their hopes and dreams, and about being all they can be.

He certainly has a way with getting their attention, too. Ogron has become the Guinness-certified 'World's Fastest Golfer', for his quick-swinging driving talents. He travels the country wowing crowds, and speaking to students along the way.

On Tuesday, 'Ogie' and his set-up man, 'Speedy', stopped by Good Morning Providence to talk about the tour, and show off his talents.

You can learn more about 'Ogie' on his Facebook page, and his personal website.

Groups looking to sponsor an 'Ogie' visit can reach tour via e-mail (, or by phone (949-285-3859).