Wright’s Farm Restaurant reopens

By Ana Bottary



Diners welcomed back into Wright’s farm restaurant Thursday, after it shut its doors over a week ago for extensive cleaning after more than 30 cases of norovirus were reported .
"Steam clean our carpets clean all our tables sanitizer tables chairs we had to run all of our dishwashers everything through our dishwashers forks plates spoons knives," says Owner of Wright’s Farm Restaurant Frank Galleshaw.
The outbreak occurred after a young boy with the virus got sick in the restaurant on March 13th. Galleshaw tells us the business did take hit. As, on an average week they see more than 10,000 customers come through the door. However, as far as this hurting business going forward, he says the restaurant now has new protocols and guidelines in place.

"Quite A few things coating off the areas we can’t have people walking in those areas again we have to totally sanitize those areas it’s quite a bit different but we’re ready for it and if it does happen again we will take care of it the way it needs to be taken care of properly."

Paul Desautels is a big fan of the restaurant. He has celebrated many wedding anniversaries here. He along with other regulars to the farm say this will not change their opinion of it.
"It ain’t going to stop me from going there, They got good chicken and good food," says Desautels.
"With all the social media and everybody on Facebook it’s going to hurt them for a little bit but all of the die hard Rhode Islanders are definitely going to be back," says Justin Robiedoux.

Others are not so sure they will be returning right away.
"Given everything that has happened, I’d think twice yeah," says Rhoda Lewis.

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