WWII vet gets high school diploma

By Dana Griffin



CRANSTON, RI- During senior year, Domenic Giarrusso left high school and enlisted into the Army Air Corp, which later evolved into the Air Force.

The 92-year-old’s bomber jacket is still in pristine condition, but he’s always wanted his high school diploma. Today, he finally got it.

“Today, I feel my life is complete; getting the one link that was missing. I did have a GED but it’s not a high diploma,” said Giarrusso.

Domenic left Providence‘s Central High School and served from 1942 to 1945 as an airplane mechanic. His air squadron repaired shot-up planes before sending them back to Germany.

“I enlisted into the service because I felt that there was a job that needed to be done.”

He’s a little hard of hearing- result of the airplanes, but his spirit is stronger than ever.

The school decided to give Domenic his diploma after he did a special presentation there last week about his experiences during World War II.”

Cranston West High School presented the honorary diploma. His daughter and grandson there for support, but there’s one person Domenic really wanted to see this moment.

Giarrusso said, “My wife passed away two and a half years ago which I miss greatly. Wish she were here.”

“I hear all the stories of him being in the service, not so much from when he was in school; now I know why. And so very proud of him to have it come full circle for him,” said Domenic’s grandson, Steve Giarrusso.

Cranston West Principal, Thomas Barbieri said, “What these men and women have done for us in our community is well deserving of receiving a high school diploma.”

Still on cloud nine, Domenic had another message for the school– about giving back.

“It’s not about me; it’s we. We gotta depend on each other to accomplish things,” said Giarrusso.

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