Yankees to Protest the Sox Win on Tuesday

NEW YORK (AP) – The New York Yankees say they are set to file

their protest of Tuesday night's loss to the Boston Red Sox before

the deadline passes.

General manager Brian Cashman confirmed Wednesday that the

Yankees were ready to submit their official protest to the

commissioner's office, he just wasn't sure if the paperwork had

been sent in yet.

The team has 24 hours from the final out of Tuesday night's game

to do so. Boston wrapped up a 7-6 victory at Yankee Stadium early

Wednesday, about 13 minutes after midnight.

New York claimed there was no indication of an injury to Red Sox

starter Josh Beckett before he came out in the fifth inning. Still,

reliever Manny Delcarmen was given all the time he needed to warm

up on a damp and chilly night.