UPDATE: Teen from Foxboro fighting Progeria, passes away

By Gilannie Pangburn


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UPDATE: The following statement was released.

The family of Sam Berns confirmed today that he passed away Friday evening, January 10, due to complications from Progeria.

Sam, age 17, was diagnosed at 22 months of age with Progeria, an extremely rare disease from which children age rapidly. His parents, both physicians, and aunt established The Progeria Research Foundation in 1999 to find the cause, treatment and cure. Children with Progeria live an average of 13 years.

In 2013, HBO Documentaries broadcast the story of Sam Berns, and how his courage and spirit moved everyone who came to know him personally or was inspired by his story. Sam also shared his life philosophy at TEDxMidAtlantic in October 2013.

The family requests privacy at this time until arrangements can be made. Expressions of sympathy and support may be directed to The Progeria Research Foundation (www.progeriaresearch.org), or P.O. Box 3453, Peabody, MA 01961-3453.

Sam Berns a 17 –year old boy from Foxboro, MA fighting Progeria passed away late Friday night.

Sam has made national headlines because of his courage and strength throughout his battle.

Progeria is one of the rarest diseases in the world it's a syndrome that makes you age quickly, there is no cure for it and most kids don't live past the age of 13.

He recently appeared on the Katie show saying he considered himself lucky to be able to attend Foxboro high school and that he coped with his illness day by day.

In a Documentary based on his life Sam said that he didn't want anyone to feel bad for him rather he just wanted for you to get to know him!

He's gone today but leaves a remarkable legacy behind. Rest in peace Sam!

Trailer to Sam's documentary “Life according to SAM” http://lifeaccordingtosam.com/#/home/

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Photo credit: “Life according to Sam”