YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: What will weddings look like in RI?

Governor Raimondo’s announcement this week about events this summer not happening has left a lot of couples in the dark about what to do with their wedding plans.

ABC6 went to the governor’s team for answers to couples’ questions.

“Does the 50 person maximum and the potential 100 person maximum include staff at the venue?”

The governor’s press secretary says yes, it does. In Phase Three of her re-opening plan, when the limit on gatherings will be 50 people, that includes everyone in the room, like guests and vendors. That means you would likely have to significantly cut your guest list to well below 50.

“Can people travel here or are they forced to quarantine? Half our guest list is out-of-staters.”

At least for phase one, the answer is yes, they will have to quarantine. The quarantine order for out-of-staters will still be in effect during that time which best case scenario. ends May 23. But travel guidance beyond that has not been decided.

“How can a venue not give a deposit back if the governor states no large functions?”

Well, the governor’s office says it is working with the industry on this and encouraging vendors to be flexible with clients who have had to cancel weddings because of the pandemic. But, they say they recognize the wedding industry has been hit hard by the crisis and they’re exploring options to use stimulus funds to support the industry.

“Will the restrictions look different for outdoor ceremonies and receptions vs. indoors?”

The governor’s office says the limit is the same whether the wedding is inside or outside, but there needs to be social distancing. So, if you have an outdoor wedding in late June,

When we may be in Phase Three, you can have 50 people and still be able to socially distance because you’ll likely have more space. If the venue is in a smaller room, you might not be able to socially distance with 50 people.

“What will restrictions look like moving forward?”

It is too soon to tell. Raimondo’s spokesperson says if the phases play out like she’s planning, a wedding of 50 or less is likely okay for the fall. But it’s unclear if the limit will rise to 100 people or more by then and they will have to look at the data over the next couple of months.

It’s also unclear if guests will have to wear masks. But, it is worth noting, even in Phase Three of the governor’s plans to re-open, masks and social distancing are still considered a requirement. And that could impact your wedding buffet, seating charts, and of course the dance floor. The governor’s office says they hope to have more information on those details over the next couple of weeks as they work out specific guidelines for restaurants and hotels.

“Many brides are postponing until 2021…how can couples move their dates with the obligation of still not getting what they hope for?”

Well, at this point it sounds like there’s no clear cut answer. The governor’s office says they “hope that will be possible in summer 2021” and will monitor the data between now and then.

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