‘You’re not the Matt Reilly we know’: Cranston police release body cam footage of councilman’s arrest

CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) — The mayor of Cranston is calling on Councilman Matt Reilly to step down after he was allegedly found in possession of crack cocaine and fentanyl.

Reilly is facing a drug possession charge after he was found semi-conscious in his car on Pontiac Avenue in Cranston with a glass pipe and lighter in hand on Monday.

Police released footage of what led up to his arrest Wednesday.

“You were literally choking in your sleep, somebody flagged me down about it,” said a Cranston police officer in the video.

“I have sleep apnea, I’m sorry,” said Reilly.

“And you have a crack pipe in your hand,” said the officer.

In newly released body camera footage of Reilly’s arrest, he briefly told Cranston police about his drug history.

“It was a relapse, I’ve been clean for 13 years. I just went through a really bad divorce recently,” explained Reilly to the officer.

Now, Mayor Ken Hopkins is publicly calling on Reilly to step down from serving Ward 6.

“It convinced me that he has some personal demons that need to be addressed,” said Hopkins.

Hopkins said Reilly resigning would be in the best interest for himself, his family, and the city.

“My first concern is the compassion for him being a person in recovery, with this type of issue, if he has had that type or relapse, that he gets himself fixed personally, takes care of his family issues, I’m concerned for him and his well-being,” said Hopkins.

In the body camera footage, another Cranston police officer is heard giving Reilly advice.

“You got to get on a program right away,” said the officer. “I look at you, and you’re not the Matt Reilly we know. Listen, your health and well-being is more important than any political career.”

Footage also shows the moment the substance found in his car tested positive for crack and fentanyl.

When Hopkins was asked about any signs of Reilly being under the influence throughout his work on City Council, he said there was “hearsay.”

“But there was nothing evident to me, and again I’m not qualified to determine that, but there was nothing indicated to me that he was having an issue,” explained Hopkins.

Reilly already resigned as chairman of Cranston’s Republican party. Since then, the city’s Democratic Committee has also called on him to resign from his City Council seat.

Reilly is due in court on June 15.

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