Youth soccer coach let go amid abuse allegation

By: Rebecca Turco


GLOCESTER, R.I. – Serious allegations surrounding the former coach of Ponaganset Middle School’s soccer team, who is also the co-chair of the Foster-Glocester School Committee.

Ron Cervasio, 71, is accused of approaching an eleven year-old player sitting on the bench during a game, grabbing him by the ear and escorting him to the end of the bench, all without saying a word.

His parents weren’t there when it happened, but heard about it from several other parents, as well as the assistant coach. They filed a police report, which also mentions separate instances where Cervasio swore at the kids.

The boy’s dad, who wishes to remain anonymous, told ABC6 News his son was only talking to his teammates when Cervasio grabbed him, and was never warned to stop talking. He wants an apology from the former coach.

ABC6 News approached Cervasio about all of this. He wouldn’t go on camera or deny what happened, only saying he agreed to be a volunteer coach as a favor to the school after he was asked to, adding: "No good deed goes unpunished."

The boy’s family did not press charges, saying they only went to police so that what happened would be on the record.

Cervasio’s term on the school committee is up in December. He is running for re-election but doubtful about his odds at winning now.

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