‘You’ve got real trauma, real pain’: Attorney explains new complaint against another former North Kingstown coach

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WLNE) — Attorney Timothy Conlon, who represents former students accusing Aaron Thomas of conducting inappropriate “naked fat checks,” announced that a complaint against another North Kingstown coach has come forward.

A family is accusing the coach of inappropriate touching, stalking, and singling out their daughter purposefully. They also claim that their daughter and other students found the coach partially undressed in a closet inside the school multiple times.

“You’ve got real trauma, real pain,” said Conlon. “Then it’s just compounded by the fact that instead of getting a responsive system, they see a system that’s broken.”

Conlon explained that the family filed a complaint in 2018 with the school district against the unnamed coach. In that complaint it says Dr. Phil Auger, district superintendent at the time, said he would “monitor the situation.”

The report also said that School Committee Chairman, Gregory Blasbalg, responded to them, “a far more serious issue at the high school.”

Blasbalg then acted in response to threats of a restraining order by the family against the coach.

“Stuff can go off the rails, OK? Things can happen that shouldn’t happen. It’s how the system then responds to that that’s important for how things heal and move forward,” Conlon explained.

Conlon said the individual no longer works in the district.

“North Kingstown can do better. These are people who are invested in their community, who are invested in their schools, who think the world of many of the people who are working. But, administration has dropped the ball on a number of counts,” Conlon concluded.

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