First responders rally for Rowan in Warwick with special ‘Good Night Lights’

The two-year-old has been battling cancer since December.

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) – More than 100 police cruisers and fire trucks and even a helicopter from all over Rhode Island and Massachusetts gave a 2-year-who is battling cancer his very own Good Night Lights at home in Warwick Monday night.

Rowan Shaw got to watch what seemed like a never ending parade of first responders riding past his window.

“It was enormous to say the least. From the helicopters, to the coastal ambulance coming down from the cape, to Boston,” said his Uncle Daniel Rayhall. “We’ve seen state police, we’ve seen all kinds of vehicles.”

The two year old has been fighting high risk neuroblastoma since December. The tumor sits on his adrenal gland and spread into his bones, causing him to lose his ability to walk.

He just went through radiation in Boston and cannot leave the house for two weeks.

“We wish we could be inside with him but we can’t,” said Rayhall.

But that didn’t stop Rowan from having a blast inside as he was greeted with the community’s support once again.

The Warwick Police Department put out a call on social media asking other departments to join them in the parade.

“We moved to Warwick four years ago. And we’re from North Carolina originally. We would have never got this from North Carolina,” said Rayhall. “They put their heart into everything that they do in this city and that’s why we love Warwick, that’s why we’re here.”

Whether it’s his family, friends, or community members, Rowan has had his very own Good Night Lights parade either before or after he goes through each treatment.

His uncle says next he’ll have another round of chemotherapy and then surgery.

“We just want to thank everyone for their support, for their continued support,” said Rayhall. “He has a very long road ahead of him, we have probably another year or so of treatments. It’s a long fight.”

Rowan’s uncle also said they hope to somehow figure out a way to expand this to other children who may not always be in the hospital, and also recovering at home, so they can feel the community support as well.

“He’s a fighter. He’s going to come out stronger in the end no matter what,” said Rayhall.

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