New $260M Attleboro High School opens

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE) — Students are going back to school in Attleboro Monday, meaning they’ll walk through the halls of the city’s new high school for the first time.

The $260 million school has been worked on for the last few years. It replaces the old high school, which had been open for 60 years.

For students at Attleboro High School, this new school goes far beyond the typical learning styles many are used to. In an interview with ABC6 News, principal Kate Campbell said it’s not just about what students learn at school, it’s how they learn it.

“It’s not a traditional learning environment. this is an environment where learning occurs all day every day,” Kate Campbell said.

The school four floor, state-of-the-art design takes students beyond just the classroom and gives students a chance to learn valuable life skills they’ll bring with them far beyond their high school days.

“You walk through this building and you see the learning, you envision it. You know what this building can mean to kids and staff,{” Campbell said.

Inside, you’ll find a newly designed gymnasium, auditorium, and cafeteria. As well as a bistro that will soon be open to the public, with food cooked fresh by culinary students. That culinary program is part of the high school’s comprehensive learning curriculum.

Through that program, students can pick from 18 career and technical education paths, which include cosmetology, engineering, nursing, and dentistry, among others.

“You learn in your classroom and then you apply it out in the projects space,” Campbell said. “How to think and problem solve. We want to send people out to the world who can bring those skills and connect them to whatever.”

With students now fully welcomed back to the classroom after two years of precautions with COVID-19, these learning styles usher in a new era of schooling, and Campbell said a part of that includes their newly designed cafeteria, where students will do more than just eat lunch. She calls it a central part of the building for learning and engagement.

The school consists of four different “houses” all connected by the cafeteria, she said. Each one of those houses offers students a different learning experience.

“To see kids back to interacting with one another, and laughing and smiling and talking about real-life things. [All that] camaraderie we’ve had to move away from. But we’re back,” Campbell said. “School should be a place where students and staff want to be. And that’s been tough for a couple of years.”

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