‘I’m looking at holes through my leg’: Woman shot at Revel Lounge speaks out

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- A triple shooting inside of a Providence nightclub seriously injured three people over the weekend.

One victim, a mother of two, is speaking out now that her life has changed forever.

“I heard the ringing in my ear so I knew it was close to me. Everything went silent,” Jasmine Washington told ABC6.

A girls night out for Washington and her friends turned into chaos after a gunman opened fire in Revel Lounge, striking her and two men.

The 28-year-old mother said she started running when she heard the shots. She then realized the bullets had hit her in the leg multiple times.

Washington’s leg is now wrapped in a full cast with a broken femur. A bullet went through her left leg and into the right one, where it will stay forever. Doctors said taking it out would be too risky.

“Two more inches from where I got shot I would’ve been hit in a major artery and I would’ve bled out.”

Washington told ABC6 a fight on the dancefloor got everyone’s attention and the crowd started to move out of the way. Before she knew it, bullets were flying inside of the club.

“I couldn’t tell you where those gunshots came from, and that was the scariest part,” Washington explained. “You didn’t know which way to move because you didn’t know which way they were shooting the gun.”

After she was shot, Washington said she called her friends who were hiding in the bathroom. They rushed to get her into the car, and sped to Rhode Island Hospital.

“I trusted you for me to come into this club, to pay you to come into this establishment. I expected to be safe, and I was not. At all.”

She told ABC6 her two children think she fell at work and got hurt.

“That’ll probably be the story I tell them for a while,” she explained.  “I’m going through enough I don’t want to traumatize them as well.”

Revel Lounge has been temporarily closed since the shooting, but the establishment is no stranger to violence. 25-year old Daniel Zairis was shot and killed outside of the Lounge in August.

Providence Police said the two other men who were shot are recovering.

No suspects have been arrested.

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